Industry Examples

Below are some examples of the different types of industries that we serve. Click through and find out more about what we do!

Pastry Packaging

This café and bakery went with a clean and modern look. Everyone’s “Common Bond” is food, so why not name it that? They did a great job and we were happy to do these custom boxes for them.

Food Sleeves

Pre-Packaged meals doesn’t always have to have a negative connotation. These days, more companies are coming forth with healthy and organic pre-packaged meals. The best way to package those is in a sleeve, and we have plenty of experience there.


Gable Bagged Snacks

A normal box could have been used, but where’s the fun in that? Gable bags give you maximum front surface visibility. This gives you room to add custom windows, or some fun text and patterns, as seen here.

Sauce Cups

Have a unique blend of sauce and want to share it with the world? Well, you’re going to need packaging for that! With a modified sleeve, you can nest your amazingly delicious best-sauce-ever into some packaging.

Snack Packaging

Everyone loves to snack. Think about all the snacks you’ve ever seen-they all have packaging! Now how is your snack going to stand out from the rest? Maybe give it a custom window, or a foil stamp, or even a little metallic ink! All of these options are available, and we can help you decide.

Point of Purchase Displays

Have a product that is going on display at the register, or on a shelf with no hanging room? That’s when POP Displays come into play. They are the perfect way to advertise and boost a product’s visibility.

Packaging Inserts

Have products that need to stay in place in your packaging? Inserts are the best way to go, like in this example of fitness regiments. Plus they can add flair to the packaging–which only makes it more appealing!

Header Cards

Header cards are a very popular option, as they provide a lot of versatility for smaller products, such as in this example of balm for dogs.

Wine Gable Box

The famous Belle Meade Plantation came up with this clever idea of using barn doors as the windows in this Gable Box. With this style (and many others), the potential is almost limitless!

Cosmetic Packaging

The cosmetic packaging industry is booming. Investments in custom packaging are the only thing keeping some products ahead while others drown in the sea of cosmetic products! Keep your product afloat with us!

Pencil Packaging

Even your art supplies need a box to keep them in, and paper is more eco-friendly than plastic containers. With some light texture and embossing, your pencil box can be high-end!

Candle Packaging

Being that the market is flooded with all different types of candles and scents, how are you going to set your candle packaging apart from the rest? With a mixture of custom cut-outs and just a little special ink, you can easily take your candle packaging to the next level.


Home Safety

Have a product you think could save someone’s life? Let us know, and we will package it!

Home Security

Home security is a very important topic these days. With a simple sleeve and box, your product can stand out among the rest.

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